South Davis Preparedness Fair Tabletop Demonstrations

  1. Shelter in Place- Woods Cross District
  2. Preparedness Library: Which Books are Useful, Which Aren’t- Bountiful Heights District
  3. How to Organize your Important Papers for Emergency Evacuation – Centerville South District
  4. Sprouting and How to Keep Greens in Your Diet- Centerville District
  5. 72 Hour Kits, Different Types for Different Needs- Bountiful Central District
  6. Water Purification- How Much Water Does Your Family Need?- North Salt Lake Legacy District
  7. Emergency Car Kits- Woods Cross North District
  8. How to Prepare Your Family With an Emergency Preparedness Plan- Mueller Park District
  9. Emergency Radio Communications- Bountiful District
  10. How to Find Room for Food Storage- Bountiful Stone Creek District
  11. Communications and Backup Power Supplies to Keep You Up and Going- Bountiful East District
  12. First Aid, CERT and Your Family- Bountiful South District
  13. Communications Within Your Area in a Disaster- Bountiful North Canyon District
  14. Does Your Computer Have an Emergency Plan?- Val Verda District