Tabletop Presentations

Tabletop Demonstrations

  • Bountiful Central District            72 Hour Kits:  Examples and Makeup
  • Bountiful East District               Financial Peace: Sleep Through the Storm
  • Bountiful Heights District            Preparedness Library- Buy This, Don’t Buy That
  • Bountiful North District              LDS Dry Pack Cannery- Provisions for Preparedness
  • Bountiful Val Verda District          Preparing Your Computer for Disaster    
  • Bountiful South District              First Aid and CERT Program Instruction
  • Centerville Canyon View District      Affinity Fraud- How to Protect Yourself
  • Centerville South District            The Carr Directory:  Your Emergency Plan Source
  • Woods Cross, Woods Cross North
    & North Salt Lake Legacy Districts    Evacuation House, What Do You Take?